• Agustina Woodgate


    Buenos Aires, Argentina



    Woodgate aims to create art that fosters exchanges between people rather than encounters between a viewer and object. Through these exchanges, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual consumption.


    Often responding to a place or situation, she makes objects, site-specific, gallery and context-based installations, films, publications and collaborative event-based projects that focus on the interplay between human beings and their surrounding environment at both macro and micro levels. Site specificity is usually the point of departure for her creative process, involving research into a place and everyday relations. Her works explore and engage with multilayered surfaces and workings of the built environment and navigates the intangible and transient layers of physical and psychological space.


    Woodgate’s works explore the physical, emotional and cultural relationships we have with our surroundings by examining how as individuals, we may aspire, adapt, observe, connect, seek and find solutions for living.


    Woodgate graduated from the National University of Visual Arts, Argentina, in 2004 and has exhibited extensively in U.S and abroad. She has initiated collaborative projects and has been awarded artists residencies both nationally and internationally.


    Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is currently based in Miami, FL.

    • Radio Espacio Estacion
      Radio Espacio Estacion is an online nomadic bilingual radio transmission that aims at building relationships within communities by exploring connections between creative process and everyday cultural...

    • Poetry Bombing
      2011, Clothing labels with poems printed on them are sewn clandestine in local Thrift Stores
    • Rug Collection

      No Rain, No Rainbows
      2011, Stuffed animal skins, 16′ x 9.5′
    • Rug Collection

      2010, Stuffed animal skins, 8′ x 7′
    • Rug Collection

      2010, Stuffed animal skins, 6.5′ x 6.5′

    • Waterfalling
      2009, 36,000 yards of defective fishing line, white noise, chandelier, light bulbs; Dimensions variable

    • Doormat
      2011, 1927 found door, Dade pinewood, 32″ x 78 ¾”, Edition of 3

    • Hopscotch
      2008, 786 Numbers Site Specific Street Installation Miami | U.S

    • Hopscotch
      2008, 786 Numbers Site Specific Street Installation Miami | U.S

    • Tower
      2008, 3000 human hair bricks, wood, 2′ x 2′ x 4.5′
    • Brush Series

      Myself, My Mother Tessy, My Grandmother Tessa, My Great Grandmother Beba
      2007; Human hair from each family member, wooden brushes and silver brush from each family member; 7″ x 5″ each
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